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Women Empowerment & Awareness Hike

2 March 2019

Differently Beautiful is excited to announce the first of many Women Empowerment & Awareness Hikes in collaboration with The Hikers Network.

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The main purpose of our hike is to create awareness around many social issues that we as females struggle and suffer with on a daily basis, unite and walk for the cause.

As part of our #AwarenessCampaign around #Bullying, #Depression, #Rape, & #Cancer against Women and Children, We also focusing on #Wellness.

This hike will provide all of us with an opportunity to mingle, share our experiences and even to maybe provide someone with a solution, all whilst hiking, but also addressing the wellness aspect of our awareness campaign.  

We're looking to encourage inactive individuals to take part in the novice hike to get them into the groove of taking their health and well-being into their own hands.

Two goals in one. Wellness and Women Empowerment, by creating a united front under the banner of Awareness.

Our Aim is to get as many different Female Empowerment Movements, Female run Businesses & Awareness Organizations involved in this event and unify all, As we all have the same vision but some have followed different routes to reach their goals.

Men are welcome to join in on this hike, in SUPPORT of the Movement.

If your organization wishes to be part of the Hike, drop us an email with your Logo and it will be added to the Official Poster.


Details to follow soon.....

#WEAAH19 #DifferentlyBeautiful

#LetsGetPhysical #NoviceHike

#ForTheCause #WomenUnite