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Tyrone or better know by his stage name - TY, is a locally driven and talented artist who focuses on using his lyrical and musical abilities to relate to the people of our city and beyond.

Based in Strandfontein Village, TY is a relate-able artist who speaks to and for the youth, with regards to everything from gangsterism and day to day struggles that may be to taboo to address comfortably without having to “handle with care”

Driven by passion and the desire to grow, TY showcases an immense amount of drive when it comes to his music and the intent behind it all.

Kast Out saw a flame within TY, and as an artist that does not come easy, some artist learn how to be an artist, some are born with it. TY is one of the few and exactly what Cape Town needs…Raw, uncut and pure talent, for that kind of talent is what will shift the stereotype on local music as a whole.  

I feel like can bring something new to the table in terms of topics I address and authentic rhyme schemes.

I plan to push the sound of Cape Town music forward in my own unique way and build relationships with intelligent artist and producers who shares the same passion..



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